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Topic: Changed my settings, unusual side effect.

I've recently changed from using Reclock to not using Reclock, because it didn't seem to work all of the time with my TV, and caused stuttering occasionally which meant I'd have to stop and restart the movie and my TV to sort it.

Instead I now no longer use reclock, my display is set to 50HZ and I use movie x 2 for the framerate conversion with 23.976 source material. For this I don't seem to need reclock, panning shots are smooth. However, where I've seen a stutter every second in the past, now I see a blur every second. It's not that noticeable, you have to look really hard to see it, but I'd like to sort it if it's possible.

Any ideas?

Re: Changed my settings, unusual side effect.

48fps >>>50 Hz kinda means that you still need reclock. Was it older 1.9.0 version which is bundled with SVP or was it newest Beta 1.9.6? Latest has few bugs sorted out so you could try it.
Don't forget to set 5% limit from default 1% because 23.96 > 25 is about 4.1% or something like that.

Re: Changed my settings, unusual side effect.

Thanks, I ended up outputting to my display at 60hz which seems a lot more flexible with 23.976fps material once I'd had a play around with various settings. I wanted to avoid having to use reclock if necessary.