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Topic: Can't decide settings on SVP pro

I've bought svp pro just in case those additional settings will make some difference & make the videos more smoother. But I actually have no idea what settings are best for me. I mostly use svp to watch anime & that "watching anime" guide on SVP support didn't help that much.

So If there are any people that watch anime or just know which settings are best for "smoothest" animation possible. It will be awesome If you can tell me those settings. Also, which preset is better for anime (film or animation?). I've tried using MadVR & ReClock with it but they didn't help much so I'm using SVP only atm.

My settings atm (with film preset) which don't help much:

Re: Can't decide settings on SVP pro

Do you have a high refresh rate monitor?(what hz do you use?)
x5 means 120fps with 24fps content.
If your generating more frames vs what your monitor can display, you will be dropping frames.

You can increase smoothness but at the cost of more artifacts. The Anime SVP shader was made to help reduce artifacts in animations but the Standard profile will be smoother.

Artifact masking will lower smoothness, so disable it.
Motion vectors grid to a smaller block size. 12px, 8px etc. (I wouldn't recommend under 12px(too much artifacts, but smaller size is smoother)
Search radius to large.

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Re: Can't decide settings on SVP pro

Here are my settings below. The first picture is for 1080p content or lower resolutions. The second picture is for 4K content.

1080 Content:

4K Content:

Make sure you're using GPU Acceleration with your GPU or iGPU by right clicking SVP Tray Icon --> Going to the "Application Settings" Menu, and selecting your GPU under "GPU Acceleration".

Also in the SVP Tray Icon settings, under the Outer Lighting menu set to Disabled, and under the Video Frame menu:

- Detect & Cut Off Black Bars set to Disabled (Deselect).
- Keep Aspect Ratio selected (choose this option),
- Keep Normal Size selected
(choose this option).

It's important to understand that the highest settings in the drop down menu's are not always the best settings. In most cases, each one has a different part to play, so just follow my settings and see if you like it. Depending on your hardware, if you have a high-end or upper-mid-range PC, it should be fine.