Topic: SVP --> Video Workflow Solution ?

Dear SVP Team - I have been searching for an FI processor that can sit between my AV processor and projector but there is no such device available. Hence, I am wondering if an HTPC running SVP can sit between my AV-Processor and projector to apply FI to any incoming video signal. The processor acts as a switch between various video inputs e.g. Blu-ray player, Cable/Sat decoder (DSTV), Media Players (Apple TV). I know there are security issues to address in terms of HDCP compliance but I'm sure there is sensible way to resolve this.

At the moment my entire workflow is 1080P so I really don't need 4K. However, I'm sure one could invest in video cards and GPUs that are already 4K savvy and I presume that SVP 4 is already 4K-apable.

This would be a fantastic solution, I'm hoping that it can be achieved.

Any help from the SVP team or end-users that have managed to come up with a solution will be appreciated.