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Topic: SVPTube 2 Audio Desync

When watching Crunchyroll, I end up with a Audio desync situation. The video is running faster then the audio. If you stop it and start it, it'll clean up for a few seconds, then start running away again. Just bought and installed this, so not much knowledge with the program yet, so I apologize if this ends up being something stupid, but I'm just not finding settings for audio buffering or anything. I installed all options during installation.

CPU - Xeon E5-2670 w/ HT Disabled (2.6ghz Octocore, with Turbo to 3.4ghz)
Ram - 32gb DDR3 1866 ECC
GPU - NVidia GTX970

I don't think my system specs are the issue, but figured I'd include them anyways.

It only happens when SVP is working. If I temp disable it, audio sync is perfect.

Re: SVPTube 2 Audio Desync

Just to clarify, do downloaded videos work fine?

Re: SVPTube 2 Audio Desync

I honestly don't have a single video downloaded to try t on.