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Topic: SVPtube2 - prefer HFR?

I would think that, on videos with HFR, it would make more sense for SVPtube2 to prefer the HFR formats since it seems a bit silly to do interpolation from a lower framerate when a native higher framerate is available...surely we're all here because we enjoy high framerates, not because we specifically like interpolating from low framerates and nothing else.

Based on bandwidth/bitrate, the ideal priority would go like this:
1080p HFR > 720p HFR > normal 1080p > normal 720p

...however, based on performance, the ideal priority would go like this:
1080p HFR > normal 1080p > 720p HFR > normal 720p

Maybe there could be a way for the user to specify in the program GUI whether to prioritize based on bandwidth/bitrate or on performance?

The thing is, I want to be able to prioritize via bandwidth/bitrate on my desktop PC yet prioritize via performance on my HTPC (though the latter wouldn't be an issue if SVP had some sort of light-and-fast CPU-based downscaling like the non-PS 2.0 bilinear resizer in MPC-HC hint hint).

Re: SVPtube2 - prefer HFR?

that makes sence