Topic: SVP 4 Not able to connect to mpc-hc

Ok, sorry if this is super nooby as in new to this all, however i have spent a lot of time trying to get svp working with multiple players with little success. I have uninstalled all video related stuff and then let SVP install them through its own installer. I have also double checked if all settings are correct via the wiki and other guides and they seem correct. I have tried using mpc-hc and the special edition of kodi, kodi wast recognized at all and mpc was recognized but unable to connect, (as seen in the log). Im also not running either program as administrator and have tried disabling my antivirus.
My Specs Are;
Intel Core I7-3630QM
8 GB of ram
Nvidia GTX 650m
Windows 10 64 bit home

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Re: SVP 4 Not able to connect to mpc-hc

what video are you trying to play?
is it a regular file on the disk or something else?
what "source file" string do you see in the ffdshow properties on the Info tab?

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Re: SVP 4 Not able to connect to mpc-hc

But did you try MPC-HC Portable?  The main thing is that the portable version shouldn't interact with anything else on your system.

1. "Install" (it's really just a fancy-looking extractor) MPC-HC portable: … c-portable

2. Run MPC-HC portable and then follow the instructions here to set it up for SVP:

3. Close MPC-HC portable and then launch it again.

4. Finally in MPC-HC portable, open the video you're trying to play through SVP and see if it works.

NOTE: "livestreamer"will not work correctly with MPC-HC Portable.  If you are not a user of "livestreamer" or do not even know what "livestreamer" is, then ignore this warning.

Re: SVP 4 Not able to connect to mpc-hc

Thanks nintendo Maniac, that worked. and Chainik, i tried playing 3 different videos, an .avi, an .mp4, and a .mkv, all without success. But thankfully using portable MPC-HC worked smile.