Topic: Frame doubling only works with .mp4 files

Well, I apologize in advance if this is noted somewhere, but I cannot find anything stating that this only works for certain video files.  Is there something I can do to get this working on all .mpg, .avi, and .wmv files?  Is it a codec or setup issue?

.mp4 files work great and are crystal smooth at 60fps.  All other files are still at 30fps.

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Re: Frame doubling only works with .mp4 files

This must be commented by the specialists from the SVP development team.

Suggestions for problem fix from myself, AFAIK:

1. SVP is not working if the "ffdshow raw video filter" is not pressent in the filter list of the MPC-HC. So firstly, please check if either ffdshow raw video filter or similarly ffdshow video decoder present in the filters list, while playing the file in MPC-HC. If it is not, then the problem reason is found and then you should enforce the ffdshow raw video filter to be launched during the playback. You may do it in MPC-HC via
Options->External Filters->Add Filter. You should add this filter and mark it as preferred.

2. In my Windows 7 x64 I found out that render choice matters. EVR renderer somehow does not work - it renders but no fps increase. So I changed renderer to the Default Renderer and it worked fine. This could be done via Options->Playback->Output->System Default.

Re: Frame doubling only works with .mp4 files

What player You using? Try MPC-HC from SVP folder.
Each player needs to be configured for SVP. MPC-HC has already been configured.

Re: Frame doubling only works with .mp4 files

Well I am using the included MPC that came with SVP and like I said, mp4 files are playing fine.  Any other file, I get the ffdshow waiting message (not really an error because it always says that, even when not playing a file).

The ffdshow filter is ONLY present in MPC when playing an MP4 file.  avi or other file and it is not present.  I did not change any settings prior to my problem, but have been "turning the dials" in effort to get it working.

ffdshow is listed and checked under the external filters in MPC

My system in I7 920 at 3.5GHz with 2 ATI 5850s in Xfire.  6Gb RAM. Win7 x64

AND after typing this message the EVR renderer was the problem and is now working with the SYSTEM DEFAULT.  Thanks for the help guys!