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Topic: Stess test mode for SVPmark?

I'm probably one of the few desktop users that overclocks on an Intel CPU without a discrete GPU, so I use the integrated Intel graphics.  The problem is that most CPU+GPU stress tests don't seem to support Intel graphics and/or expect discrete graphics (ROG RealBench comes to mind).

In my experience, it seems that SVP is suprisingly good as a system stability tester, partially due to its heavy use of the CPU and GPU, but even then it can catch instability when the likes of Prime95 + Furmark will run without errors.  The issue though is that it can be a bit difficult to get SVP to use your CPU and GPU at full-tilt, since maxing out the performance of, say, the CPU usually bottlenecks the GPU and vice-versa.

Therefore I think it could be useful to have a specific stress-test mode in SVPmark that specifically runs in a way that it puts a full load on the CPU and the GPU without either being bottlenecked.