Topic: 1080p 29.97fps Overwhelming CPU

Lately I've disabled OpenCL so that SVP runs on the CPU while madVR runs on the GPU and it is working much better now. 1080p videos on 1080p are finally working... most of the time.

There's one type of video that still can't play smoothly though.

1080p 29.97fps videos on 1080p 60hz display are lagging. The reason is that SVP play those with a bastard 39:20 ratio!! It should just use a plain 2:1 ration and it would play perfectly.

So now I have to kick your butt on this one smile

Re: 1080p 29.97fps Overwhelming CPU

You can just make a new profile and specify that 1920x1080 @ 29.97 content have it set to "Double source framerate (2x)"

Re: 1080p 29.97fps Overwhelming CPU

OK that's a way of fixing it.

Interestingly enough, 1080p 29.97 videos on 768p display play with a 2:1 ratio. They only play with a 39:20 ratio on 1080p display!

Re: 1080p 29.97fps Overwhelming CPU

It is because of different refresh rate in different video modes and small delta value in SVP hidden settings: NoJerksWithoutReClock