Topic: Improving the quality of interframe conversion

Hello SVP Team and Board.

i am a big fan of frame interpolation and using this tool a lot to increase the overall picture quality. I do not use the realtime solution with Potplayer or MPC. I am using a interframe gui tool, that is based on the avisynth encoder and megui. It can be found here: … -download/

I tested this on several movies and it worked out quite good, smooth motions and fine image quality. However, there are still artifacts when it comes to motions that are not straight like people running on a police chase.

I was searching for a method or special settings on the template, that will lower the amount of artifacts. So far i did not find them, if anyone hase some settings please let me know.

The next thing i was testing was that i took the new X265 encoder and replaced it in the folder of the X264 exe. There are x265 builds deployed every day on this page:

So i took the latest x32 build with 8bit and renamed it to x264.exe and put into the folder of the interframe gui program.

The result was good and i noticed that the amount of artifact was reduced. Has anyone some experience with X265 and frame interpolation?