Topic: SVP + MadVR. Fullscreen frame drops on high end PC.

Specs : i7 3930k, 16gbRam, GTX 980

My problem is using SVP Manager with MADVR i get about 20 frame drops per second in full screen only, the odd thing is i don't even notice the frame drops unless its a high action sequence. When im in window mode i get no drops.
With SVP Disabled i can run MADVR perfectly fine in fullscreen highest settings with no drops.
I also have ReClock running.

Here are some images of my settings :
Running Filters :
While in Windows mode :
While in fullscreen (5 seconds in) :
External Filters :
Internal LAV filter settings :
Ouput Settings :
Reclock Settings :
Reclock video options :
reclock advanced settings :

MadVR : Chroma upscalling Jinc 3 trap AL, Image downscaling Lanczos 3 trap AL/LL, Image down sampling Catmul-rom AL/LL
Frame rates feel better with smooth motion on MadVR disabled, and i use windows exclusive (turning it off didn't change a thing)
I tested using billinar options on MadVR still get 20-50 frame drops a second, didn't change a thing so i don't think its anything to do with power i just might have a wrong setting somewhere.