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Topic: A trick for streaming YouTube's VP9/WebM with SVP and MPC-HC

DISCLAIMER: VP9 decoding is considerably more CPU intensive in 32bit MPC-HC than it is in 64bit MPC-HC, so don't be surprised if 1080p VP9 + SVP makes your computer cry seeing how SVP is 32bit-only.

Apparently MPC-HC is able to support external audio files when the video is in the Matroska format, and by association WebM. All that's required are the following things:

1. The audio file must be completely downloaded

2. The video and audio files must be in the same folder

3. The video and audio files must have the exact same filename (not including file extension)

4. The audio must be in the format that the video file is expecting (in this case vorbis)

5. The audio must have a file extension that audio-only files use (ogg, oga, mka, mp3, mp2, wma, wav, flac, wv, ape, tta, dts... you get the idea)

Usually the audio stream is much smaller filesize-wise than the video stream, so you should be able to download it quickly.  From there you just need to open the according still-downloading WebM video file in MPC-HC (confirmed to work in v1.7.6) like you would for a completely downloaded video file and everything should "just work".