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Topic: New Version

Hi there

I just would like to congratulate you guys, this new version of SVP is really good, you can really see the improvement.

I saw the post that one of you guys did on doom9, that linear light thing is really impressive.

Keep it up the amazing work.


Re: New Version


Actually, I can't really notice any difference with the new version but I want to put on record my thanks for continuing to support and improve the project.

Top of my wishlist for a new version would be some focus to be put on improving the interpolation for sports viewing; it's pretty good for the most part, but there are a few scenarios in particular where it isn't so great and various artifacts become obvious, such as (in a football match):

1) sequences where the ball is moving fast.
2) close-up shots of a player when he is running with the crowd in the background and the camera is panning to follow his movement.

If there is interest in focusing on this I am happy to find some samples. I tend to watch only live TV with SVP so I don't have any ready made recordings, but I'm sure with a bit of effort I could find or capture some.

Anyway, it's more than usable as is, so keep up the good work.

Re: New Version

I know there is an option to eliminate square artifacts (from light to heavy). I guess SVP team could create a mode table like on amateur cameras aka sport mode, historical video etc, where each of them would contain a set for "ideal" settings depending on video. Although it would be not easy. Perhaps final settings would be chosen from 2 or more options like "performance of computer", "video type" as the minimum.
I doubt that they have free time to deal with all this customer stuff.