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Topic: Crash in "kernelbase.dll"


I decided to reinstall my W7, so i just finished installing everything.

If i do not open SVP Manager the video works perfect, no crash, no lag, the ffdshow icon appears on the bottom of the window and etc..

Now if i open SVP i get the crash error, and yes, i've already applied the 4GB patch and it didn't work.

Tried with Potplayer, MPC, Kmplayer.... all with the same error.

Microsoft Visual c++ instaled
Netframe work

the error \/


Re: Crash in "kernelbase.dll"

the fault is inside "kernelbase.dll" and that's not good cause it's not SVP's fault but something else in the system
if you try to google'ing for this error you can find a "solution" to run app with admin rights (in your case - the video player)
i've no idea if it helps

Re: Crash in "kernelbase.dll"

The problem was my Avisynth plugin folder, there was some corrupted plugins, it's solved now. Thanks.