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Topic: Oversampling


First of all, it's not a problem with SVP, i just would like to know with someone can help me with something that it's buggin me... Devs can delete this topic anytime you want.

It all started after i installed a W7 pack, all my videos  now gets oversampling, ghosting... something like that, yes, i tried the restore and backup option but it didn't work.

using any video player ( Kmplayer, Potplayer, Media Classic )

Here \/ it's a bmp with the 'bug', on the left it's the bug version and on the right it's splash pro, which for somehow it's not bugged.


Maybe a dll in computer it's corrupted and now every renderer ( EVR, Madvr, Overlay .... ) it's affect.

Does anybody every see something like that?

Thanks for reading, and sorry the horrible english.

EDIT: Solved, nvidia inverse telecine was the problem.

Re: Oversampling

It looks like bob-deinterlacer is active on progressive material. It decreases vertical resolution by two.

You need to disable deinterlace.

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Re: Oversampling


Thanks for your answer,

EDIT: It was deinterlace, your were right MAG... my nvidia inverse telecine was checked. Thank you very much.