Topic: Anybody heard of dmitrirender

Hi, anybody heard of dmitrirender  It is not free but is a directshow filter based and uses more gpu than cpu. Looks interesting but i haven't tested it yet. Anybody tried it yet?

I got this from a news site.

"DmitriRender - it is DirectShow-filter in real-time converting the frame rate of the video (using GPU-oriented algorithms Frame Rate Conversion and Frame Interpolation)."

Re: Anybody heard of dmitrirender

I got this from a news site.

from what site?

anybody heard of dmitrirender

We are heard about it from the first version

On russian forum users make compare

here it is copy of compare images from post, yellow square on the SVP frame mean that frame interpolated, not original and not doubled

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Re: Anybody heard of dmitrirender

good idea but currently GPU + CPU usage of dmitrirender is too high