Topic: SVPtube


I'm trying SVPtube now. Nice idea.
It's working well.

I have one suggestion.

Is it possible to add youtube link to a current playlist of potplayer, not playing directly when copied to clipboard?


Re: SVPtube

As I know the generated link have restricted "live time". You can watch it now. But later there is no guarantee will it work or not.

So, you can compose very short playlist only and watch it very soon after link generation time.
Do you still want new feature of adding link to PotPlayer's playlist? wink

Re: SVPtube

Ahh, you are right. I forgot it.

For your information, potplayer seems to support avisynth filters directly without a ffdshow raw filter as of today release (1.5.38333). It would be cool if there is a way to use SVP only with potplayer.

Re: SVPtube

Thank you. We will check it.