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I usually watch TV also with SVP turned on and all the bells and whistles.

My main program to watch TV is ProgDVB.

My main rig is core i7 860@3.7ghz
8gigs of ram at 2133mhz

I have problems with frame rate still when Yadif x2 is turned on. Cpu usage is between 50-70% usually. In some programs fps is very smooth, but usually it's choppy. I noticed that using yadif in 2x mode is the best so far to keep sharpness and accuracy of the picture.

It usually looks like that the svp isn't catching the fps and working at all. Maybe bug in script or in drivers or lack of cpu power?

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How did you enable Yadif? As filter in ffdShow?
Did you try to tune it in ffdShow but enable it from SVP menu - settings - deinterlacing?

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Yes, from ffdshow's deinterlacing options.

Yes, SVP seems to activate the ffdshow deinterlacing filter, what ever is set up there. Is there anything better deinterlacing alternatives via SVP?

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From experience for interlaced material the best is using only yadif 2x or bob without SVP, unless u have a 120Hz LCD, projector, or CRT capable of 90Hz and above. For the typical 50i source, using yadif 2x u will get 50p so SVP will only calculate 10 additional fps if refresh rate is 60Hz and result can be strange, so advice is not using SVP in that condition  smile

Also, I tested deinterlace algos for output of only 25p and used SVP to interpolate to 60fps. For movies result was interesting, might be better than yadif 2x but for sports, like football big_smile, It created too much artifacts around the ball and small players so I didn't found it worth, despite of a globally better feeling of smoothness.

Regarding deinterlace software u can also try the LAV filters, and quickly activate/deactivate between software (yadif 2x) or hardware  and see the differences. Also watch EVR output to see if u're not getting it deinterlaced twice, this problem can happen sometimes on some settings. If output is 50fps then it's ok.

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When I use yadif in lav of ffdshow, with double frame rate, the Input.Framerate variable in my avisynth scripts seem to still pick up the old undoubled frame rate. For this reason, logic in my avisynth scripts like this (to interpolate 25fps content to 60hz)

(Input.Framerate > 24 && Input.Framerate <= 26) ? Eval("""

will still gets run for 25i content thats been deinterlaced to 50fps (ffdshow input even shows 50fps coming in when using lav decoder and its yadif double frame rate), and because of this issue, the output frame rate is 120fps instead of 60fps... Is anyone able to get around this issue? Is there a more reliable method of reading the actual frame rate in avisynth instead of the Input.Framerate variable? Its fine if I just set the output to be 60.000fps with abs="true" but I want to try to use multiples of the original where possible to maximize quality.

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" so advice is not using SVP in that condition  smile "

This sounded a brilliant idea on paper, but somehow it's not just workin on IRL, the quality is very bad on motion, it's  like real 25fps, not framerate doubled material.

I think this needs more than that. Buggy and perhaps unimplemented solutions yet.

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for deinterlacing I use TomsMoComp.dll in C:\Program Files (x86)\AviSynth 2.5\plugins
and add this line to beginning of MSmoothFps.avs :


and in ffdshow video decoder in "Output --> stream setting  uncheck "set interlaced flag in output media file" to prevent frame dubling. so SVP  use deinterlaced 25 fps  and and in evr renderer I have 60 or 50 fps framerate always.

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I use hardware vector-adaptive deintelacing via CUVID decoder inside LAV.
No extra CPU load and superb quality.
But I don't use ProgDVB and tell about separate files playback via MPC-HC.