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btw great job guys.
I would like to suggest/request a few hopefully simple changes for you (basically they are just UI/configuration tweaks).

First request would be higher quality computer preset. I have gotten a Sandy-Bridge-E platform and it would be nice if there was a preset higher than i7-920 which sets things how you guys would recommend.
I can send you benchmark data if you need any help with that. I am currently setting it manually per preset how you recommended to someone on this forum (complex shaders and what not), but I have no clue how half of the options are behaving and it is not easy to test this once it comes to minute details.

Second would be the target framerate, I do not see the option to let's say choose 60fps target independent of the source framerate.
There is screen refresh selection which is the only one fitting this description but my new monitor is 120hz and that is crazy demanding, I do not need more than 60fps.
However if I select refresh rate /2 then when playing on the TV, which is 60hz, it will become 30fps.

I hope I was descriptive enough, any comment is welcome.


Re: [Request] Higher quality presets and target framerate

Hello, nuhi

To make higher quality preset we need processor like yours Sandy-Bridge-E. It is necessary to test and to compare several variants of settings values.
Thanks, we will think about new profiles in next version SVP.

You can point any refresh rate you need. Choose from SVP menu: Monitor - Choose and fix.

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