Topic: Dropped Frames on Mac vs. Windows


i have ripped UHD first to .mkv  (4k 10bit)

now with SVP4Mac > OpenFile via Mpv >

it would in 1 Minute or so drop already alot of frames, whereas on Windows no such heavy issue (maybe 100 dropped frames) and playing smooth.

The computer is Macpro5,1 (ageing) and Graphics is Polaris Vega 56; now OS is Monterey, but the install is via OC (OpenCore) so maybe there lies the culprit?

Or anyone else having bad performance on Mac compared to Windows?

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Re: Dropped Frames on Mac vs. Windows

I recommend to use "ReClock" replacement in mpv.
SVP menu Information > Additional information > mpv configuration file.

delete symbol # before these lines, close and save file:


It will give you 0 dropped frames in both systems.