Topic: Black Bar Removal + Dolby Vision Support

For the longest time I was opting to use the madVR video renderer option in MPC-BE as I find the black bar detection and removal feature in madVR to be seamless, instantly removing any black bars before I can even see them. With SVP's black bar removal feature, it takes a moment to switch. It's not the biggest deal in video files that have a static aspect ratio the whole time, but for videos that switch between aspect ratios it can be quite jarring.

The problem with that approach is that madVR does not support Dolby Vision, so playing video files encoded with Dolby Vision resulted in videos with a purple/green hue. Now that MPC video renderer supports Dolby Vision I've switched to that plus the SVP black bar removal feature, so while the green/purple hue problem is no longer present I have to contend with the SVP black bar removal delay.

Has anyone found some solution to this to get the best of both worlds? Or I suppose I should ask if the black bar removal delay in SVP also affects other people or if it's something wrong with my setup.

In case it helps anything my setup is as follows:
MPC-BE x64 1.6.10
AviSynth Filter v1.4.7 # svp
AviSynth+ 3.7.3 (r4003, 3.7, x86_64)

NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3090
Intel Core i7 12700k