Topic: Please fix linux wiki buildscript arguments --enable-vapoursynth

I have been trying for hours to get MPV build on linux using the guide, but kept getting this error.

INSTALL ffprobe
make: Leaving directory '/home/maurits/Downloads/mpv_build/mpv-build/ffmpeg_build'
Using mpv options: --enable-vapoursynth
usage: meson [-h] {setup,configure,dist,install,introspect,init,test,wrap,subprojects,rewrite,compile,devenv,env2mfile,help} ...
meson: error: unrecognized arguments: --enable-vapoursynth

After a long time I finally learned that --enable-vapoursynth isn't an mpv option but a ffmpeg option.

It would be great for future users to fix this in the wiki page:

echo --enable-vapoursynth >> mpv_options

needs to be

echo --enable-vapoursynth >> ffmpeg_options

at … om_sources

This post can be removed once wiki is fixed. Or else it will serve as something to find for future users.