Topic: SVP Ignoring video for MPV, but not for others players (like MPC-HC)


After latest changes to yt-dlp, it seems SVPTube2 is properly detecting videos from the website.

But I have an issue while I try to playback that streams with MPV, as MPV itself does not start, and I see in MPV log "Does not seem a video, Ignoring".

I know when MPV detects very short videos, it does not consider proper video for playing, and ignore them, but in this case, other players (like MPC-HC) does not have this issue, they work properly.

Is there a way to adjust/override/force this? If I launch MPV from command line (in Windows), video playback is fine, but no SVP interpolation is made. No "Ignoring HFR sources" profile in action, SVP just simply ignore the video.

Thank you.