Topic: GPU usage when paused?

I've noticed work happening even when playback is paused.  Short or long periods of time like an hour plus doesn't impact it.  At least that's what Task Manager in Windows 10 thinks (>0% GPU usage on the player process).

There might be more than just GPU work happening, but since I paused the playback I figured nothing should be happening on there.  I haven't spent a lot of time to narrow things down, but thought I could mention it in case someone else already knows or is interested in it.

Using MPC-HC 64 bit + LAV Filters (using "(old) CUVID" hw accel) + AviSynth Filter.  Only 1 video is ever active at a time.  Making the video minimized while paused didn't fix it.

Often have a Firefox window covering half my screen, maybe lots of tabs or just 1.  And a JavaScript/Electron based game running on the other half (text based, so not much usage).  The game process uses some GPU time too, but I can't pause that easily.

I'd expected a bit of work just after pausing, in case it's catching up to fill a buffer.  But when nothing is changing, nothing should need to be worked on...right?

Re: GPU usage when paused?

I can suppose it is video renderer work. Try to change video render in MPC-HC player.
What video renderer are you using: MPC-HC menu View > Options... > Output tab?

Re: GPU usage when paused?

Knew I forgot to mention something.   madVR

chroma upscaling - Jinc + anti-ringing filter
image downscaling - Jinc + linear light + anti-ringing filter relaxed
image upscaling - Jinc +sigmoidal light + anti-ringing filter

Looks like 25-35% usage while a video is playing.  1080p source at less than 1080p (half a 1440p as window) on an NVIDIA 1080 ti.

What work would be happening in a paused video renderer?

Re: GPU usage when paused?

> What work would be happening in a paused video renderer?

you'd better ask this MPC-HC's authors

Re: GPU usage when paused?

Hint. If you press Ctrl-J you will see statistics info. It updated even in pause mode continuously. So, some calculations are performed in pause mode.

Also you can compare CPU using in pause mode in other video player. Take mpv for example.
SVP menu Open via mpv...
Do you see more CPU load or less comparing to MPC?

Re: GPU usage when paused?

Madvr's bug. running mpc+madvr only, mpc still uses 50% GPU on pause for no reason.
mpc+mpc render+SVP on pause: 0% GPU usage

Re: GPU usage when paused?

Thanks for the help!  I filed it as  Let's see what they say about it.

Last I knew the MPC-HC developer who'd forked it most recently was done with it.  And didn't want new bugs filed.

I haven't tried MPC-BE yet, but it was one easy option to replace it (right?).  I was also considering a vaporsynth capable player too, but haven't found an MPV version I like yet.