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Topic: SVP is interfering with Anaconda-Python App...Again

Hello, a year or two ago I posted a thread here discussing how I could not run SVP and Jupyter Notebook, or any Anaconda app, at the same time.  If SVP was installed, I could not open Jupyter Notebook.  That simple.  Quitting or disabling SVP did not work either.  I had to physically uninstall the SVP app in order to get Jupyter Notebook running.  From what I remember, the response I got was basically that I was a moron because "All I had to do" was change the "Path" of this to that or whatever.  Well, that didn't help despite repeated protestations so I just gave up and haven't used SVP since.

Now, however, I'm working on a project where I think SVP could be helpful but, of course, I'm having the same problem again.  I'm sure I can't be the only one that has this problem as I don't have conficts with any other two applications like I have with this one.

Could someone please explain to me a step by step solution to this problem and assume that I know nothing of these "paths" that I'm supposed to be an expert in?  I'm just trying to use the app as a layperson/enduser, not as a developer.  Thanks.