Topic: What best setting I can get?

Hi, can any one give me a suggestion for my SVP 4 setting to get the best result, I have tried some but drop frames appeared.  Now I use the automatic one and it's OK but I want a better performance.  I am using MPC-HC and MadVR to play the media and my hardware specs are as follow:

CPU: i7-12700F
GPU: Gigabyte RTX 3070
Ram: 32G
ITX case: ZS V3.2

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Re: What best setting I can get?

I recommend using MPV player. I was using MPC-HC or Daum Pot Player before and noticed frame drops from time to time no matter what settings I tried to tweak. With MPV, this problem is almost completely gone.

For interpolation method, you may want to try RIFE 4.6, but not sure if your GPU can do it in real-time. I have an RTX 3070 laptop GPU and real-time worked only a few times. Haven't tested with desktop GPUs.