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Topic: Auto Download Is Possible With SVPTube ?

Hello, I have a youtube playlist that I'd like to download. I can copy the playlist URL to SVPTube and it sees all videos in the playlist. It seems however I must one at a time go to the next video and click download and select a folder for every video in the list. ome tv omegle The problem is there are 181 videos. I was hoping to be able to give it a playlist and tell it and folder to save to and it automatically downloads all videos to that folder without me having to do it 181 times.

Is there a way of doing this?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Re: Auto Download Is Possible With SVPTube ?

nope, not possible now

in fact SVPtube is not exactly meant for this kind of job... just use the plain console youtube-dl (yt-dlp)