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Topic: svp 4 suddenly wont start on windows 10?

The programs been set to run at startup for months and i just noticed it hasn't been running today. I tried opening it and it just instantly closes. Not even a system tray icon. Log doesn't seem to have anything out of place and I swear it was working yesterday. Does anyone know why this is? I haven't touched it. Still not working after reinstalling components through maintenance tool twice and reinstalling completely.

edit: its svptube. i removed it and it works now. bummer because i use it a lot, so i hope its just a broken update. i tried replacing the yt-dl part with the version from the official github and it was still broken.

Re: svp 4 suddenly wont start on windows 10?

It seems to have been a very strange program conflict where some program messed with python in some weird way and I had to uninstall it and change python versions and then it works. I still can't use that specific python version because of it but it seems that it wasn't the fault of svp, it was still very strange though.