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Topic: Using Svp4 in linux-mpv crashes

When I use svp4 on archlinux, everything is normal except that mpv will crash when modifying the progress (including modifying the playback speed). How should i solve it?
This is the log output after MPV crashes:

[   7.535][v][mkv] queuing seek to 433.590295
[   7.535][v][mkv] execute seek (to 433.590295 flags 32)
[   7.535][v][file] stream level seek from 199811507 to 276494812
[   7.535][v][mkv] seek done
[   7.535][d][vapoursynth] destroying VS filters
[   7.636][d][vapoursynth] all requests terminated

The svp4 log is in the attachment

My dependencies:

archlinuxcn/mpv-git 0.34.0_220_gb15b3f6711-1
core/python 3.10.2-1
community/vapoursynth R57-2
extra/ffmpeg 2:5.0-4
coummunity/yt-dlp 2022.02.04-2
extra/tcl 8.6.12-3
extra/tk 8.6.12-1
aur/vapoursynth-plugin-mvtools 23-1
aur/vapoursynth-plugin-temporalsoften2-git v1.1.ga133670-1

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