Topic: Black Bars Outer Lighting

I just recently started using this software on my android phone. I really enjoy the black bar outer lighting feature! I was not aware that it was even possible to have this effect to be done in real time. I've been using in AVI synth script on Windows to achieve a similar effect. The AVI synth script that I use is called frosty borders. This script allows for more customization options then what smooth video project currently offers. I also like the way Frostyboarders looks more than the black bar outer lighting. I was wondering if it was possible to implement the AVI synth script, Frostyboarders, into your software? If not, is it possible to allow users to use their own custom AVI synth scripts in the future? As a last resort, would you guys be able to re-create the customization options and the look of Frostyboarders into smooth video project? … rs-Scripts