Topic: Archive footage


I'm an editor and archive researcher. I'm doing some tests on archive footage from the 30ies in order to have a high frame rate so more fluid videos. Before everything..I'm on an iMac Pro, latest OS, 64gb ram and a radeon pro Vega 64.

My situation is this one. I download, from the archives, clips at 25fps but the original footage was shot at 16 or 8fps. So..are not totally fluid. So I guess in the 25fps clips there are duplicate frames.

What would it be your suggestions? just make some test with SVP, let it cut duplicates too, and then find the better settings or should I bring (with Davinci for example) the 25 clips to 16 and then bring them to SVP?

Moreover. The main goal is to bring these clips to 4k or 2k....delete as much as scratches and dust possible and make them more fluid. For dust and scratches I'll use neat video. For upscaling Gigapixel and for smoothness SVP. My doubts are in which order and which workflow should I use.

SVP-->Neat Video-->Gigapixel? ora should I use neat video to remove scratches so SVP can find easily similar block?..

I'll be happy to hear you suggestions..and thanks..