Topic: Whirlgig + LAV Decoder + FFDShow RAW + SVP 4 PRO problems

Hi all,

I bought SV4 PRO pro today and amazed with results in MPC. Fantastic software and community, first thank you all.

I also have a Valve Index and wanted to run SVP through whirlgig for 4-8K VR videos. I have been installing, reinstalling, searching every thread from 2010 -for 9 hours straight- in order to get SVP with whirlgig working, but to no avail. If anyone helps me get this working I will be forever grateful, and I'll make a wiki entry with a good guide and solutions to all problems one might encounter (I'm pretty close to that point) as giving back to the community.

Here is my setup:
W10 PRO, Intel Core i7 8700K, GALAX GTX 1080 Ti EXOC 11GB GDDR5X, 16G RAM

First of all, would I get 120-144fps with 6-8K videos if I run this setup successfully? I run 8K videos (and all below) with 400% SS 144 Hz pretty easy. If not I should not waste your time until I upgrade my stuff.

If I can get value out of SVP 4, here is what I want to achieve:
Video from whirlgig goes to directshow (check)
Goes to LAV decoder (check) (I think I need to be using HW decoder DXVA2-CB here, but not so sure and in any case I tried most of the options)
Need to have ffdshow raw filter enabled (check)

I installed SVP, FFDSHOW, LAV filters etc in pretty much all possible combinations. Made sure to do clean uninstalls of everything each time.

The closest I got to everything working is right now:
Clean installed GPU drivers, whirlgig and SVP with options for installing:
Core 64bit Directshow
FFDshow filters 64-bit
Avisynth filter (I unchecked this but SVP installed it anyway)

I can see that FFSHOW gets the stream, I can see on SVP that it becomes 120 fps (running the headset on 120 fps as well) but the performance is very bad. Even at 100% SS a 4K video sometimes stutters, I can see that there are weird spikes on CPU usage and CPU usage isn't even very high.

When I go to FFSHOW settings from tray I see avisynth is activated. I disable it and restart stuff, it is back on. I uninstall avisyth and SVP says it needs a reinstall. I check FFDSHOW and it gets the stream again (SVP not working now) and the performance is trash, exactly the same when SVP was increrasing fps to 120.

I'm so confused. There are so many options and no clear guidelines for setting up this LAV decode - FFDShow RAW process and output that goes to whirlgig. There are so many ways to install FFDshow, LAV decoder and filters and SVP that I realize it is impossible to get right even if I spend 9 more hours.

Can someone please tell me:
Install what, with which options, in which order so that this works? I'll do whatever you say and post whatever logs or whatnot is needed. I have a CS degree and I feel like a moron right now, but spare no technical instructions, obscure links or documentation or requests. I'm ready to suffer more so the next person to reach these pages (and there will be many) doesn't.

Thank you!

Re: Whirlgig + LAV Decoder + FFDShow RAW + SVP 4 PRO problems

> 4-8K VR videos
> the headset on 120 fps

What headset you have?
Or you watching these videos on monitor?
What resolution and refresh rate it has?

> Intel Core i7 8700K
It can interpolate 4K videos maximum in real time. I think it is bottleneck for 6-8K resolutions.
You can make some tests: take videos with different resolutions and look to SVP Index while playback with SVP. It must be 1.0 and CPU load must be less than 90%.

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Re: Whirlgig + LAV Decoder + FFDShow RAW + SVP 4 PRO problems

It's a Valve Index, it can go 90 120 144 Hz. Sorry, my mistake as I called it 120 fps.

I use Whirlgig VR player to watch them on the headset. I have 240 Hz 1080p HP OMEN 25X monitor but it shouldn't be relevant because I turn off screen mirroring.

If my CPU bottlenecks that is alright, I will do a big upgrade soon. I still want to learn correct way to set this up for when parts arrive, though.

The thing is MPC runs interpolated or other 8K videos smoothly with SVP while in the headset it is either stuttering or broken on other ways, I tried interpolating 1920x1920 resolution videos on my headset and result is still the same. So my CPU might eventually turn up to be a bottleneck but that is not the problem currently.

Also as I understand it LAV decoder using DXVA-CB will take the load off the CPU, leaving it a lot of room to interpolate. That is why I'm hopeful about some results.