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Is SVP compatible with the internal player of XBMC?

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Yes. FAQ in Russian with pictures

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Is SVP compatible with the internal player of XBMC

Right question: Is XBMC compatible with SVP?  big_smile

Only with DS-version of XBMC

Here config.files for XBMS-DS.
- Extended config
- for using with LAV Video decoder, LAV Video as decoder and ffdshow raw as postfilter (reg
before using this conf)
- basic config
(ffdshow video as decoder)
- Also you need Haali splitter and FFDShow

Extract files and place it:




Backup original
and replace it by those two

conf.files shaider sharpen complex 2 is enabled. It makes picture more sharpen and clear. I like it  wink But videocard must powerfull enought: radeon 5670 or faster, GTX260 or faster

I combine SVP with XBMC and LAV v.0.45

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so, did you friend lav+ffd with XBMC?

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Hi and thanks for the config files. I have installed it in the recommended way, but I still have the following problem:

SVP reports, that it is too slow (SVP-Index around 50%). However, the CPU load is only 25%. The problem exists only, when I display the video on the secondary display (my beamer), on the  primary display (Monitor) SVP runs smmoth,, SVP-index is 1.0, and CPU-Load is ca. 50%. Both, PC and Beamer run at 1920x1080 und 60 Hz, and 60 Hz (to frame rate) is the setting in SVP.

When I use Zoom Player to play the files, the problem does not appear on either display.

Any ideas how I could fix this issue?

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did you already have try swap rpimary/secondari display? set beamer as primary dispaly?

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no, I haven't tried that. This would create other problems, too, since I am usually working with the monitor (primary display) and I am using the beamer only for watching movies.

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May be manual select monitor in SVP help you
On the SVP icon in tray - RMB - Screen selection - force - choose beamer display or try to specify custom refresh rate = refrash rate of the beamer

By the way what the beamers refrashe rate set in windows? How many Hz?
And what refresh rate set in XMBC?

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High frame rate playback works best on the primary screen. There're some system level limitations (at least in WinXP and 7, haven't tried with Win8 yet.
So best solution is to create several profiles in video driver and switch between them with hot keys.

Still SVP index = 50% means something is wrong with setup.

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Yeah, especially since CPU load is just 25%. But I have no idea, where to start changing the setup. I am using the config-files from Rimsky's post. 

Can somebody give me some suggestions, where I could start?

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where I could start?

attach here "Information" -> "Last launch log" and "Additional information" after playing something with svp index = 0.5

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I hope it is ok to attach the logs here:


Last launch log:

16:10:39.320; Start: SVPMgr 3.1.2 starts...
16:10:39.320; Start: read settings file settings.ini
16:10:39.320; Start: load language file - English. Duration: 23 ms
16:10:39.344; Start: clear Logs folder
16:10:39.345; Start: SVPMgr folders prepare. Duration: 10 ms
16:10:39.356; Start: performance graphs prepare
16:10:39.356; Start: read settings file SVPMgr.ini
16:10:39.357; Start: monitors settings detection. Duration: 1813 ms
16:10:41.170; Start: disable LNG-file write when UAC enabled
16:10:41.170; Start: change SVP-manager priority
16:10:41.170; Start: register hotkeys
16:10:41.173; Start: check launched instance of SVP-manager
16:10:41.173; Start: check Avisynth installed. Duration: 12 ms
16:10:41.184; Start: get versions of modules used 1.2.4453.0/
16:10:41.184; Start: refresh autostart state in registry
16:10:41.184; Start: some more work with registry
16:10:41.187; Start: create menu. Duration: 6 ms
16:10:41.194; Start: update settings file settings.ini. Duration: 43 ms
16:10:41.236; Start: update monitor settings
16:10:41.236; Start: prepare "About the program" window. Duration: 37 ms
16:10:41.273; Start: enable ffdShow waiting mode
16:10:41.275; RefreshSVP
16:10:41.276; ===== Waiting for ffdshow video
16:10:41.276; Start: prepare to work is complete
16:10:41.783; ===== Detected playback with ffdShow
16:10:41.784; GetDimensionAndFPS_Grab start. Duration: 515 ms
16:10:42.299; GetDimensionAndFPS_Grab start. Duration: 142 ms
16:10:42.440; GetDimensionAndFPS_Grab result: 1920 1080 23.976
16:10:42.444; T1T: begin
16:10:42.447; T1T: GetAllMediaParams
16:10:42.447; T1T: SettingsPrepare
16:10:42.451; T1T: Preparing smooth playback...
16:10:42.452; T1T: WriteAllMediaParamsToIni
16:10:42.454; SVPMgr: main "C:\Users\Michal\AppData\Roaming\SVP 3.1\" 1920 1080 23.976 1920 1080 5 2. Duration: 191 ms
16:10:42.644; ===== Playback
23.976 * (5 : 2) = 59.94 fps
16:10:42.644; SetPriorityPlayer: 3


Additional information:

Last processed file parameters:
Filename: TestMovie - 3D-hSBS 1080p EN-DTS.mkv
Frame size and frame rate: 1920x1080 pixels, 23.976 fps

Detected screen parameters
Screen size and refresh rate: 1920x1080 pixels, 60.011 Hz

Video smoothing info
Smooth factor: 5:2
Resulting video frame rate: 59.94 fps
Repeat 1 frame every 14 sec (without ReClock)

Selected profile: 1920x1080@24

Profile settings of video processing
[ExMethod=MSmoothFps_3]        Frames interpolation mode: Adaptive (default)
[ExAlgo=13]            SVP shader: 13. Standart (default)
[Bicubic=0]            Motion vectors interpolation mode: Bilinear
[ExMulti=MON]            Target frame rate: To screen refresh rate (default)
[ExBlockSize=32x32:2]        Motion vectors grid: 24 px. Large 2
[ExRecalc=0:0]            Decrease grid step: Disabled (default)
[TypeDist=Hex:-6:SAD]        Search radius: Small and fast
[ExPel=0]            Motion vectors precision: Two pixels
[Badsad=1000:-24]        Wide search: Average (default)
[ExSadml=0]            Artifacts masking: Disabled (default)
[ExBlend=false]            Processing of scene changes: Repeat frame (default)
[ExDwnResize=0]            Decrease frame size: Disabled (default)
[ExConvertFps=false]        Blend frames to screen refresh rate:false

Settings by menu
[svp_libflowgpu=1]        GPU-acceleration (OpenCL): true
[ExThreads=0]            Processing threads: Auto
[HandCrop=None]            Frame crop: Disabled
[Borderlight=None]        Black bars lighting: Disabled
[VDelay=0]            Video delay: 0 ms
[ExDemo=0]            Demonstration mode: false
[ExTearingTest=0]        Tearing test: false
[EFrameDoubling=0]        Variable frame rate repair: false
[StopSmoothDelayOnRewind=0]    Turn off on seek: Turn off and on quickly


11:04:10.764; ===== Waiting for ffdshow video
12:35:00.830; ===== Detected playback with ffdShow
12:35:00.833; GetDimensionAndFPS_Grab start. Duration: 655 ms
12:35:01.489; GetDimensionAndFPS_Grab result: 1920 1080 23.976
12:35:01.500; T1T: begin. Duration: 11 ms
12:35:01.511; T1T: GetAllMediaParams
12:35:01.511; T1T: SettingsPrepare. Duration: 10 ms
12:35:01.521; T1T: Preparing smooth playback...
12:35:01.522; T1T: WriteAllMediaParamsToIni
12:35:01.523; SVPMgr: main "C:\Users\Michal\AppData\Roaming\SVP 3.1\" 1920 1080 23.976 1920 1080 5 2. Duration: 133 ms
12:35:01.657; ===== Playback
23.976 * (5 : 2) = 59.94 fps
12:35:01.657; SetPriorityPlayer: 2. Duration: 2170 ms
12:35:03.826; this is changing FalseVFR_Dwn. ffdShow-framerate: 15.636 SVP Index:0.49/0.52
12:35:04.764; this is changing FalseVFR_Dwn. ffdShow-framerate: 12.042 SVP Index:0.49/0.75
12:35:05.698; this is changing FalseVFR_Up. ffdShow-framerate: 18.804 SVP Index:0.49/0.75
12:35:06.634; this is changing FalseVFR_Up. ffdShow-framerate: 21.739 SVP Index:0.49/0.62
12:35:07.570; this is changing FalseVFR_Up. ffdShow-framerate: 22.995 SVP Index:0.52/0.57
12:35:08.506; this is changing FalseVFR_Up. ffdShow-framerate: 23.536 SVP Index:0.49/0.52
12:35:09.442; this is changing FalseVFR_Up. ffdShow-framerate: 23.976 SVP Index:0.53/0.52
12:35:10.378; express clear interval
12:35:10.378; stabilized framerate: 23.976 fps
12:35:36.072; RefreshSVP. Duration: 513 ms
12:35:37.586; GetDimensionAndFPS_Grab start. Duration: 140 ms
12:35:37.726; GetDimensionAndFPS_Grab result: 1920 1080 23.976
12:35:37.735; T1T: begin. Duration: 8 ms
12:35:37.744; T1T: GetAllMediaParams
12:35:37.745; T1T: SettingsPrepare. Duration: 8 ms
12:35:37.752; T1T: Preparing smooth playback...
12:35:37.753; T1T: WriteAllMediaParamsToIni
12:35:37.756; SVPMgr: main "C:\Users\Michal\AppData\Roaming\SVP 3.1\" 1920 1080 23.976 1920 1080 5 2. Duration: 136 ms

Re: XBMC compatibility

hmm, apparently this issue is trickier than I thought. But it might have something to do with the dsplayer-setup in XBMC I guess, because it works flawlessly with zoom player.

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In another forum I heard that my problem may be due to xbmc not being able to use more than one CPU core (I have an i5-760) - that would result in only 25% use of the maximum CPU power. Personally, I don't believe in this theory, however, whats your opinion on this, guys?

Re: XBMC compatibility

xbmc not being able to use more than one CPU core

XBMC DS works fine. At least versions 10-11

Re: XBMC compatibility

Your logs is good. Nothing strange and no errors.

For test purpose choose your secondary monitor as single in the system
Use standard Win-P shortcut to do that.
1. Choose beamer as single monitor (via Win-P)
2. Watch movie
3. Return your monitor's configuration (via Win-P)

Is the problem with low SVP-index solved to you?

Re: XBMC compatibility

I greatly enjoy SVP, but I too want to get it working with XBMC. I've been watching this thread since its creation seeking to find the answers I seek.

However, after long hours of trying the above mentioned steps I still can't get them working together. As it stands, no matter what configuration I try I cannot get SVP to recognize ffdshow video ("Waiting for ffshow video") while playing a video in XBMC. Whereas, there is no issue with smooth playback in Media Player Classic. I've tried the aforementioned, both the non-LAV and LAV versions. I have also tried configuring Media Player Classic as detailed in … ow:_MPC-HC to see if that makes a difference.

I guess what I'm looking for are troubleshooting tips that can clarify where the two are not communicating. For example, to determine if you meet the DSPlayer version of XBMC requirement, navigate to System->Video in XBMC and a DSPlayer option should be visible. Beyond that, I don't know who and what are not talking.

Any ideas, help?

Re: XBMC compatibility

Did you see this instruction for XBMC?

Re: XBMC compatibility

Thanks Mag, I did see that.

You know what's dumb. After reading through one of the many semi-related threads again ( … 3pid975895), I became aware that in the context ('C') menu you can select "Play using..." which allows the user to select which player to use in XBMC (dsplayer, dvdplayer). For whatever reason, dvdplayer is labeled as being the default player despite defining it in advancedsettings.xml. Upon selecting dsplayer in the menu, SVP kicks in.

Let it be known to all lurking... check the context menu in XBMC.

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Re: XBMC compatibility


1. SVP wjrks in XBMC jnly with DS playr
2. what error message you got when SVP kicks in?
3. did you try conf. files in the end of article? allmost is setting up, but before copiing it you must install: ffdshow, lav, hali

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@MAG79: I tried it. When I set the beamer to primary monitor, SVP runs smoothly. The same when I set windows to duplicate display to beamer and monitor. However, when I set it back (monitor=primary & beamer secondary), the problem comes back. I still don't understand, why I have this problem.

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Re: XBMC compatibility

I still don't understand, why I have this problem.

problem in MS Windows multimonitor synchronization mechanism. Try to power off first monitor while watching cinema on the second beamer

Instead of improve there own moneybring operation system MS drown coloried figure.
There are two way to solve this problem:
1. Fantastic - MS in windows 9 fix it
2. Realistic - aliens came to us and kill em all big_smile

Re: XBMC compatibility

I still don't understand, why I have this problem.
%username% is right. It is problem of synchro to not first monitor in the multimonitor system. You can google it.

For statistics you can tell details about your monitors connections.
What cable? to what port? to what videocard?

I not using XBMC now. Instruction was written by SVP users who really did that. I can only recommend to read it again and more accurately.

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Re: XBMC compatibility

Honestly, I don't see how windows can be the cause of this problem, especially since it works when play videos with, e.g., zoom player - it seems to be related to my XBMC setting.

Graphics Adapter: Nvidia GTX-460
Monitor: Acer GD345HQ, connected to one out of two DVI-Ports, 1.5 m cable
Beamer: Epson EH-TW5910, connected to the HDMI-Port, 7 m cable
TV: Phillips, FullHD, connected to the second DVI-Port, 10 m cable (the other end goes into an HDMI-Port of the TV).

Dependent whether I want to watch on the TV or on the beamer, I switch on either of the two.