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Topic: Jitter/stutter is back after update, please help!

So, after enjoying SVP for weeks, I finally got stupid stuttering back, and small jitter every so second. Even with EVR it dosen't fix it, I tried to reinstall my whole setup for SVP, still no good result, I also tried to roll back to previous driver, and still no result. I am using Potplayer 32-bit, with LAV, reclock, and MadVR, and before the update everything was working fine, and i had no jitter. The problem is that the player doesn't even register it, it dosen't show me the jitter/stutter in the OSD when I press CTRL+J. Can someone please help? I would be eternally grateful if somebody could help me solve this once and for all.

Thank you so much!

My pc specs:
Intel Core i5-6600
AMD R9 390 8GB Sapphire/w backplate