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Topic: Idea: Interpolate native HFR videos if refresh rate is at least 90Hz

By default, SVP does not interpolate videos with a frame rate greater than 47fps.  For the typical person that only ever uses 60Hz and maybe 75Hz displays, this arguably makes sense.

However, I can't say the same if the user is using a display of at least 90Hz.  Using such a refresh rate as their default almost always implies that the user is a fan of high frame rates in some manner, and that they would quite likely prefer if native HFR framerate videos were interpolated to whatever high refresh rate they are running at. I mean, it can't be a  coincidence that every single person I've helped that asked why SVP wasn't interpolating a native HFR video was a user of a 144Hz monitor.

The only exception to this logic would be VR headsets, but they practically require high framerates if you don't want to vomit, therefore on such devices you'd almost always want interpolation to the native refresh rate no matter what the frame rate was.