Topic: Is there ANY way to use SVP4 pro on MVC3D .MKV's yet?

No matter what I try if I run any file on latest ver of Stereoscopic player with SVP4 running in the background I get an instant AppCrash of stereoscopic player.

I can not get a conversion to SBS to work at all either.

Pavtube bytecopy leaved me with a 3D DVD (960x540) even when "full" is selected, Id hate to see how bad it would be if I selected "half"

DVDFab9 doesn't halve the resolution but no matter what I try I get black bars on the left and right of both frames (left and right) and the picture is squashed in to fit in those black bars destroying the aspect ratio severely, making the film unwatchable.

Is there anything I can do to get SVP 4 pro to work with 3D content?

Please assist.