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Topic: automatic mode settings

If I use automatic setting mode and set the bar all the way to the right (highest quality), what are the specific settings being used? For instance, in automatic highest quality mode, is "Frames interpolation mode" adaptive? Is "SVP shader" complicated? Can someone give me the full list of the settings like this.

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Re: automatic mode settings

Information -> additional information -> Last geenrated avs script

super_params     = "{scale:{up:0},gpu:1,rc:true}"
analyse_params   = "{main:{search:{coarse:{distance:-12,bad:{sad:2000}},type:2}}}"
smoothfps_params = "{gpuid:11,rate:{num:5,den:2},algo:23,mask:{area:50,cover:80},scene:{blend:true}}"

Decode it with https://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Plugins:_SVPflow

Re: automatic mode settings

When I click on generated avs script nothing happens ):

Re: automatic mode settings

nvm i got it load. how do you load custom scripts?