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Topic: Fullscreen videos unwatchable

I've been having this issue for a long while where I get a lot of weird black bars or slowmotion video if I play something in fullscreen.
This caused me to stop using SVP for quite a while and instead I just went back to VLC, but I miss 60fps videos.

https://imgur.com/oWNqmCh (no idea how to embed the image)

i5-4670K at 4GHz
GTX 760 2GB

What I noticed is that this only happens with 1080p videos, with 720p I have no problem playing them at all.
The videos play fine when windowed as well, as long as it isn't full screen.

I've tried a lot of things, such as reinstalling my Nvidia drivers, reinstalling SVP and all the things that come with it like ffdshow etc, but nothing has worked so far.
Hopefully you guys know a solution or else I guess I'll have to avoid using SVP for a longer while.

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Re: Fullscreen videos unwatchable

Nvidia + Windows 10 = this

Go into MPC-HC's internal LAVfilters and set your hardware decoder to DXVA2 (copy-back).

You also may or may not need to enable "D3D Fullscreen" in MPC-HC or alternatively enable "use direct3d 11 for presentation" in MadVR.

Re: Fullscreen videos unwatchable

It's on DXVA2 (copy-back) by default on mine, but D3D Fullscreen in MPC-HC is greyed out and I can't select it.
Tried to turn on Direct3D 11 for presentation, but it didn't do anything.

Never had a problem before near the Windows 10 launch period, but somehow I got this issue.

Re: Fullscreen videos unwatchable

OK then, try setting your LAVfilters decoder to "None".

If that doesn't fix it, try setting 'GPU acceleration' in SVP to "No acceleration".

(these are both sub-optimal settings, but the goal is to try to figure out the cause and then figure out a solution)

Re: Fullscreen videos unwatchable

Still doesn't seem to work.
Apparently the issue still exists if I shut SVP down, is there something wrong with MPC-HC?

Re: Fullscreen videos unwatchable

In MPC-Hc, try changing your output renderer to "Enhanced video renderer (custom presenter)" and then try it with "D3D fullscreen" enable and disabled.

Re: Fullscreen videos unwatchable

Awesome, this solved the problem for me!
Thanks a lot for your help.

Re: Fullscreen videos unwatchable

noodlegg wrote:

Awesome, this solved the problem for me!
Thanks a lot for your help.

Make sure you re-enable GPU acceleration in both LAVfilters and in SVP.

Also, it would be wise to change the resizer in MPC-HC (on the same screen as "D3D Fullscreen") to one of the "Bicubic" algorithms (of the 3 bicubic options, 0.60 the softest while 1.00 is the sharpest).