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Topic: SVP Mac version experience

Wow, I am impressed. I've attempted my own mvtools scripts to try to do this and none of them really worked all that well. You guys have really done it with SVP. A few notes on my experience:

Hackintosh: This is 4ghz pc with a GTX 770 running OS X 10.10.3 and everything is beautiful as I would expect on this hardware. Absolutely no jitter and I don't even see any artifacts in anime, which is kind of a big deal. What impresses me though is that, while it's been a long time since I've used SVP with Windows (on this very same machine), I remember MPC-HD + madvr + SVP turning my computer into a furnace. I mean I could cook an egg on the case. With this Mac version the gpu only scales up to 800mhz and my cpu temps stay around 45c. Impressive! I don't know whether it's mpv or SVP (or a combination) to thank here, but clearly the efficiency of this process has been massively improved.

13" Macbook Pro 2015: Real Mac, and here is where I was concerned because of the Intel graphics. 720p (using recommend Retina resolution) looks amazing, every bit as good as my desktop. Impressed yet again. 1080p is a bit too much though, I think. If I bump mpv down from "lanczossharp" to just "lanczos", switch HiDPI off, and select "Decrease to HD" (which appears to convert to 720p on the fly) it's very smooth and I don't see any sort of quality degradation either. As I thought probably it's the integrated graphics causing this. That said, if you're using the default Retina resolution (which I do) then really 1080p isn't necessary (and I've read the scaling done to 1080p by OS X itself isn't kind to quality anyway).

Edit: I misspoke about needing to turn HiDPI mode off. Using "Decrease to HD" works just fine in Retina mode.

So overall I'm quite impressed and very very happy with what you've done here, even if it's "just a beta." Also I'd like to add that I appreciate that you require a specific flag for mpv to trigger SVP because there are a lot of things I don't want SVP for. Having to juggle config files based on content and whether I wanted SVP on or off could get annoying. So this way I can open mpv and play 24p normally, and drop an anime file on the SVP icon in the dock for smooth 60fps. Great work.

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Re: SVP Mac version experience

velinn wrote:

I remember MPC-HD + madvr + SVP turning my computer into a furnace

That was likely due to MadVR, which can easily eat up your entire GPU if you let it.  By comparison SVP itself can even run on the integrated graphics of my Haswell Pentium G3258.

Re: SVP Mac version experience

I can't get smooth playback on my 2011 15" mbp, even 720p video with scale setting to bilinear will drop frames occasionally.

Re: SVP Mac version experience

> I can't get smooth playback on my 2011 15" mbp

2720QM + HD 6750M or what?

Re: SVP Mac version experience

In my experience the best way to install mpv with homebrew is to use --HEAD so that you get the latest (potentially unstable) build. Lots of things have improved since the latest official release. Also options changes quickly with the --HEAD version, so your config file may need to be edited after doing this to accommodate options changing names etc.  So:

brew install --HEAD mpv --with-vapoursynth

If you've already installed mpv the normal way, uninstall it first and then do the above. If you want to upgrade to a newer version later, use "reinstall" instead of "install".

My mpv video options look like this



All I did in SVP was select animation and 720p anime worked perfectly at 1280x800 (Default for display). With 1080p I clicked "Decrease to HD" and it played smoothly too. This is just a base model 2015 rMBP..  2.7ghz i5, Intel Iris 6100.

Re: SVP Mac version experience

Chainik wrote:

> I can't get smooth playback on my 2011 15" mbp

2720QM + HD 6750M or what?

2635QM + HD 6490m