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Topic: Problems with low-res video


I have tried using SVP a few times over the last couple of years, but always run into this issue...

I can play 1080p high quality .mkv files, and they look great using SVP, but another old TV series I have is in 496x384 .avi files and whenever I try to run this through SVP I get constant artifacts from any movement and it is totally unwatchable.

This is simply using the default settings from installation. Is it impossible for SVP to enhance such low-res videos?

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Re: Problems with low-res video

When you have such a low resolution that the spacial aliasing begins to mask (or rather, destroy) temporal information, SVP will have a very tough time to produce a proper output.

As a first possible fix, you could try creating a low-res profile with all the GUI values jacked up to the right and change the values in override.js by backing up the default file and overwriting the original with the one I attached (remember to replace the original when watching other videos).
Prior to the video stream hitting the SVP plugin, you want to interpolate the resolution to something that SVP can actually fill its interpolated data into (such as 1280x720 or 1920x1080; remember to change the pel value to 2, the overlap value to 2, and the blocks value to 16, in the override.js file, for 1080p), using a Cubic filter such as Robidoux, Robidoux Sharp or Catmull-Rom (which wont cause such an immense amount of ringing). After SVP you can then scale the final image to your native display resolution (preferably using MadVR with a Cubic or Catmull-Rom).

If your PC can't handle this in real-time, first try running a small sample of a video through this procedure with avisynth and virtualdub or something similar, to check if it fixes your problem. Then you can start lowering the quality of my suggested values (start with Pel, overlap and blocksize, while keeping an eye on what the effect is on your video), until you can run it in real time.

(Ps. if you want, you can upload a sample somewhere and I'll run it on my end and send you some screenshots of areas with problematic motion comparing the default settings with my suggestions (unfortunately I can't upload any videos as I was born, and still live, in South Africa and I don't have a pigeon to send to you.))

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