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I've been using SVP for a year now. I'm using it with PotPlayer video player. I tend to seek a lot, i.e. I am using video player feature, which allows you to skip forward for a few seconds using a keybinding. I tend to skip intros, specific scenes, etc. The way that I do that, is to tap keyboard key quickly a few times.

Often this causes to crash my video player. Video stops working, but audio does not. Also my player stops responding - I need to close it via task manager. This type of use doesn't crash my player, If I am not using svp, so It seems it is svp related.
It may be format related. Sometimes all is working as intended.
I feel like the problem is more common with larger videos - movies. I think TV series don't crash as often.

I know you are making the next generation of SVP atm, so please just keep in mind this bug for version 4.0.

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Re: SVP skip forward crash

nah, its already fixed.
1 copy this dll to PLAYER folder … 0150220.7z
2 set turn of seek for 1 sec
3 restart svp and player
4 if u still have crashes on seek try with MPC-BE

Also patch player EXE file with 4gb support

Re: SVP skip forward crash

In combination with what dlr5668 suggested, you could also try lowering your "Processing Threads" setting (it will reduce performance, but also results in much better stability if you are near the 2/3/4GB memory limit.

Another thing to try in combination with the 4gb_patch is to reduce your "SetMemoryMax" to 768 (512 may or may not work/help).

Re: SVP skip forward crash

Will try it out, tnx for help!

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Re: SVP skip forward crash

I had a very similar issue with crashing during seek and it seems that using the svpflow2 DLL posted in the following post fixed it (or at least I haven't had it happen since then): … 018#p51018