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Topic: 60 or 59 Hz for SVP @ 59.937 fps?

Hello everyone,

So since SVP locks up 99% of my movies / videos to 59.937 fps, I was wondering whether 60 or 59 Hz is better.

Most movies run 24 fps (frames per second), or more accurately 23.976 fps, and according to various online sources and Panasonic technicians (manufacturer of my TV), the best refresh rate is 23 Hz and not 24 Hz, since 23 Hz is actually closest to 23.976 FPS and most "suitable", as they claimed.

According to madVR, my TV reports 23.9710x Hz @ 23 Hz and 24.0000x Hz @ 24 Hz. So 23 Hz is in fact closer to the movie's actual fps.

Subsequently, my TV reports 59.9396x Hz @ 59 Hz and 60.0000x Hz @ 60 Hz. Having everything in mind, this should mean that 59 Hz is the most suitable refresh rate for any video content that SVP brings to 59.937 FPS.

Does anyone have any information on this, or can confirm my claim?

Thanks in advance!

Interesting read regarding this matter: http://htpcproject.com/refresh-rate-23hz-24hz/

EDIT: Some are locked to 59.94 fps from SVP, so 59 Hz should still be more suitable?

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Re: 60 or 59 Hz for SVP @ 59.937 fps?

I use 59Hz.
Here some more info on the subject.


Read Mag79's second post where he tells you how to find your actual refresh rate, but read the whole thread, especially Mag79's posts.

Re: 60 or 59 Hz for SVP @ 59.937 fps?

If you not using ReClock you need to get refreshrate much closer to framerate. It gives you more smoothness.
With ReClock it is no matter what refreshrate are you using. smile

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Re: 60 or 59 Hz for SVP @ 59.937 fps?

It's lame answer but... don't get yourself troubles. Millions of people live without even thinking about 59/60 stuff while still watching videos every day.
P.S. And use math, the closes even rate to 59.9 is 60 because it's just 0.1 far from it.

Re: 60 or 59 Hz for SVP @ 59.937 fps?

Thanks for your replies everyone, interesting reads.

I will be using 59 Hz and maybe try out ReClock in the future for experimenting purposes, cheers!