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Topic: Players crash when running SVP

Hello everyone.

So I just heard about the SV project and I've been trying to get it to run for a while.

I'm using media player classic, the one that came with the full SVP download and I've gotten all of the settings configured, as far as getting the FFdshow stuff done

However, whenever I play ANY viedo all I get is sound and then an error message saying that MPC has crashed.

I also tried this with pot player and got the same error so I'm assuming that SVP is the culprit. I can run everything fine when SVP is not running so I'm sure it's not the players.

Here's a log of my latest attempt.

11:07:44.157; ===== Detected playback with ffdShow. AppName: mpc-hc.exe PID: 10760
11:07:44.158; GetDimensionAndFPS_fromOSD start. Duration: 80 ms
11:07:44.238; GetDimensionAndFPS_fromOSD result: 540x360 23.976 1/1
11:07:44.240; T1T: begin
11:07:44.241; T1T: GetAllMediaParams
11:07:44.241; ### CorrectStereoModeByAppAndFilename: Videoplayback.mp4
11:07:44.242; T1T: SettingsPrepare
11:07:44.245; T1T: Preparing smooth playback...
11:07:44.246; T1T: WriteAllMediaParamsToIni
11:07:44.246; SVPMgr: main "C:\ProgramData\SVP 3.1\" 540 360 23.976 540 360 5 2. Duration: 124 ms
11:07:44.370; ===== Playback
23.976 * (5 : 2) = 59.94 fps
11:07:44.371; SetPriorityPlayer: 2. Duration: 3115 ms
11:07:47.486; RefreshSVP
11:07:47.488; ===== Waiting for ffdshow video

Hoping one of you guys may be able to shed some light on this


Nevermind, I reinstalled everything and somehow got it working. Sorry for the confusion