Topic: Help solving any judder/jerkiness/stuttering or blur in movies.

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Im having difficult with the  DS:filters, dont know wich one to choose, prefer and such thing. I was thinking this thread is for helping everyone that are picky as me tongue to get judder/jerkiness/stuttering or blur free from movies. Can it be more crystalclear?
Im an anime lover and i wathcing bleach naruto shippuuden and many more and when playing with svp in mpc-hc i get jerkiness and i want to get rid of that to get the ultimate experince with motionflow. The judder comes sometimes in fast moving scens and it annoys me but i think it can get fixt to crystalclear images?
i7 860 2.8 (will overclock to 3.2 or.3.4 if it helps)
4 gb ram
HD 5870 catalyst 11.7
windows 7 ultimate 32 bit

In internal filters>transform filters i have unchecked every box, and in source filters i have unchecked  avi, ogg, matroska and mp4/mov
now i need help with external filters its so many filters, i dont know wich one to choose from and prefer..
Apreciate any help and effert Frieands big_smile