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Topic: Potplayer Nvidia NNEDI3 slow-downs


Using potplayer with Nvidia 970 GTX with CUID + Lav Filters and Lav Splitter .

Watching mainly 1080p, AVC, Remuxes

I didn't have any issue with Radeon 7970 before with any movies.  Now I have 3 problems.

First of all with Slow-Downs randomly or when stopping and resuming movie, as soon as I change from NNEDI3 to Jinc the playback is perfect again. the slow-down happens because the Renderer Queue stays at 1-12 / 12 and backbuffer queue is 0-7 / 7.  The only instant fix is changing to Jinc and it stays at 11-12 and 6-7.
I had some kind of slow-down with PowerDVD Bluray movies, but I think I fixed it when I change the power managemnet to maximum performance in the Nvidia CP. I did the same for PotPlayer but it doesn't work as well.

The second problem is with Subtitles, for some reason I don't remember what cause it, every time subtitles were shown there were dropped frames. for now it seems ok but I don't know what fixed it, maybe more buffers to the subtitles. Instant fix was changing the Subtitles output from Display on Overlay/VMW/EVR Surface to Display on TV-OUT.  another problem with subtitles that sometimes there was some kind of delay or speed up with the subtitles timings, the subtitles weren't shown correctly or just stayed too long and not sync with the movie.

third problem is with the video, for some reason it was freezing while the audio kept going showing the last frame or black screen. only stopping the movie and playing it back again made the movie run again.

I'm using the newest version of all , MadVr 87.10, LavFilters 63 , Nvidia 344.75.

Anyone have an idea ?