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Direct3D HQ GPU video renderer


  • Direct3D Custom Renderer via Pixel Shader

  • Option of Direct3D 9Ex or Direct3D 10.1 renderer (some graphics card drivers work better with one or the other)

  • Supports 8- or 10- or 16-bit input (NV12, YV12, P010, P016) and 8- or 10- or 16- bit output for uncompromised visual quality

  • Various Pixel Shader scaling algorithms:

  • Hardware Nearest Neighbor

  • Hardware Bilinear

  • Bilinear (Pixel Shader)

  • Softcubic (w/ softness setting)

  • Bicubic (w/ sharpness setting, anti-ringing option)

  • Lanczos (4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 taps, anti-ringing option)

  • Spline (4, 6 or 8 taps, anti-ringing option)

  • Jinc (4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 taps, anti-ringing option)

  • Render Script (RS) (examples in RenderScripts folder)

  • Can be used to add post processing pixel shader files;

  • or write your own custom multi-stepped scaler

  • or anything in between

  • Supports compiled assemblies (.dll) or plain C# text file (.cs)

  • Output dithering (None, ordered, random with noise strength adjustments)

  • Deep color (10-bit and 16-bit) output support (read this first)

  • Fully integrated renderer (no .ax file to install)

  • Separate DirectShow audio and video graph chains

  • Each chain can be customized by adding postprocessing filters (e.g. AC3Filter, ffdshow, SVP) <======  big_smile

  • MadVR style CTRL+J renderer stats

  • Volume control

  • Audio track selection

  • OSD

  • Subtitle support

  • Subtitle track selection

  • Full / Minimalist UI mode

  • Close-source freeware

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Запустил а звука нема(

А все сделал звук

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при прочих равных, с работающим SVP, ест на 20% больше процессора i5-2430M, чем MPC-HC

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а еще не умеет изменять размер кадра на лету, и разработчик не хочет это реализовывать smile