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Topic: SVP Tube and problem with YouTube servers

I've been experiencing major SVP Tube problem for about a week.

Every third - forth link to the youtube video I copy to the clipboard causing my video application (all of them to be more exact: mpc-hc, mpc-be, vlc ) to not render the stream at all.  It stops with status "Invalid" or "Cannot render stream".

I started to search for the cause of the problem.
First of all the videos giving me trouble always played ok in the browser player in both html5 and flash mode.
Secondly they sometimes streams ok with SVP Tube but sometimes do not. It is purely random.
After a few minutes of wait they are playing ok and then stops for a random period of time and so on.
I want to remind that through the browser all seems to be working continuously.

So I started to look at direct links generated by SVP Tube and realized that in not working cases these links direct me to the dead youtube servers. Sometimes they do not even respond to ping. After a few minutes the address returned by SVP Tube changes server domain name and some signatures and video streams ok. Then after a few minutes it skips to the problematic ip again and problem reappears.

I don't know if it is a local (geographical) problem. Browsers however seems to be working without any trouble.
Do you experience similar phenomena lately?
Maybe google changed something recently and SVP Tube should be updated?

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This'is interesting, thanks.

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I think I'm having part of this issue as well. After awhile, usually around 5-12 minutes, video playback will stop while audio continues. (MPC-BE) The only way to solve it is to close the player and try again, but it's usually so close to the end that I don't waste time  trying to load it (especially 1080p) and then risking a crash on seek..

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I have problems too. Dont know since when exactly, because I dont use Youtube that often.
For me, Vids break after like 1 or 2 minutes, sound continues.

So its similiar to Cookieboyelis problem but much earlier (inside 1 or 2 Minutes in a 10 Minutes Video....)

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I just realised I have an identical bug when I watch Youtube with the official Android app.
When I watch it in a browser it does not happen. sad