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Topic: 3:2 Pulldown


I'd like to know how can i save the change in the ffdshow pulldown, cuz every time svp runs, it goes back to Ignore Pulldown and i'd like to change and save to Smooth Timestamps.


Do i need to change something in the override.js file?


Re: 3:2 Pulldown

'Ignore pulldown' value used always by SVP for now.
Please give me video where you use value 'Smooth timestamps' in 3:2 Pulldown option. I can't see the difference at my videos.

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Re: 3:2 Pulldown


I was testing a slow mo video and i liked  ST  more than IP, yes, it's not a big thing.

I have another question if you don't mind...

change the smooth.rate.num in the override.js based on the width of the video, is that possible?

I tried this :

mynum = width <= 1200 ? "2" : "2";
mynum = width > 1200 ? "2" : "2";
mynum = width > 700 ? "3" : "3";

smooth.rate.num            = " + mynum + ";
smooth.rate.den            = 1;

It didn't work at all.... i wonder why...

Thanks again.

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It didn't work at all.... i wonder why...

cause it's JavaScript

smooth.rate.num = (width<700 ? 2 : 3); 


if(width<700) smooth.rate.num = 2;
else smooth.rate.num = 1000.0/width; 

or whatever...

but there's a little problem - variable 'width' isn't exposed to this script  big_smile
you can use 'mediaInfo.main.reswidth' instead of 'width' but remember it's just a hack

Re: 3:2 Pulldown

Thanks for the post:1, Chainik.

It works like a charm.