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Hello there!
I am new with this tool and I totaly love it. Thanks for it! smile

I have a question regarding the possibility to save HFR material.
I successfully did it with MeGUI but I have a question about the scripts.

Because I like the Videos to be 1.5M like.
I tried to use the scripts offered from SVP-Manager to copy/paste them into the MeGUI thingy, but they did not work?

How does one do this?

thx  smile

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Did you see tutorial from SubJunk: Convert videos to 60fps?
He uses MeGUI too. wink

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Thats exactly the tutorial that I used.
But I want to know how I can alter settings like in SVP Manager.

Like for example: How can I do a video file that looks like using SVP manager with Interpolation method 1,5m instead of "Uniform" (or whatever is used in the default script used in that tutorial?

Sorry if I dont not make clear enough, what I want in the first post. smile

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See script in step 7:

PluginPath = "C:\Program Files (x86)\MeGUI\tools\avisynth_plugin\"


By SVP tray menu: Generate AVS-script - For video encoder. Take this script, modify it: add/replace marked lines before and after "SetMTMode(2)" line. Place it instead of script in step 7. You will get script like this:

# This script was generated by SmoothVideo Project (SVP) Manager.
# Check for more details.


global svp_scheduler=true
global threads=7
global svp_cache_fwd=threads+2



global crop_params=""
global resize_string=""
global super_params="{pel:1,scale:{up:0},gpu:1,full:false,rc:false}"
global analyse_params="{block:{overlap:1},main:{search:{coarse:{distance:-10,bad:{sad:2000,range:24}}},penalty:{pzero:100}}}"
global smoothfps_params="{cubic:0,rate:{num:5,den:2},algo:13,scene:{limits:{blocks:20}}}"

global demo_mode=0

########## BEGIN OF MSMoothFps.avs ##########
# This file is a part of SmoothVideo Project (SVP) 3.1.4
# This is NOT the full AVS script, all used variables are defined via
# JavaScript code that generates the full script text.

function interpolate(clip src)
    input = crop_params=="" ? src : eval("src.crop("+crop_params+")")
    input = resize_string=="" ? input : eval("input."+resize_string)

    super=SVSuper(input, super_params)
    vectors=SVAnalyse(super, analyse_params, src=input)
    smooth=SVSmoothFps(input, super, vectors, smoothfps_params, mt=threads, url="")

    return demo_mode==0 ? smooth : demo(input,smooth)


    stereo_type==0 ? eval(""" interpolate(input)
""") :     stereo_type==1 || stereo_type==3 ? eval("""
        lf = interpolate(input.crop(0,0,input.width/2,0))"""+stereo_left_selection+"""
        rf = interpolate(input.crop(input.width/2,0,0,0))"""+stereo_right_selection+"""
        StackHorizontal(lf, rf)
""") :     stereo_type==2 || stereo_type==4  ? Eval("""
        lf = interpolate(input.crop(0,0,0,input.height/2))"""+stereo_left_selection+"""
        rf = interpolate(input.crop(0,input.height/2,0,0))"""+stereo_right_selection+"""
        StackVertical(lf, rf)""") : input

########### END OF MSMoothFps.avs ###########

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Ah I see. Thank you! smile

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Hm. Sigh.
Its not exactly this topic, but I ran into a series of problems of codec/3D related problems since some weeks:

I am using an Asus G75 Gaming Laptop (Core i7 @ 3,2Ghz, Geforce 670M (3GB) and 8GB RAM. At Windows 7.

1. Part of the pre-story that explains, why I have a K-Lite Codec pack installed and possibly need to keep it?): I got a host.dll memoryleak, wich seemed to be produced when host.dll tried to produce icons from 3D Videos that had been produced by "download helper" when saving youtube 3D videos.
I found that installing a "K-Lite Codec pack" (something I tried to avoid for years) did solve this problem.

2. When I discovered SVP Manager I run into the problem, that full-side-by-side 3D Videos caused a "Runtime Error" and crash of stereoscopic player, if played with SVP-Manager. I dont have so many "fulls-SBS", so I said: who cares. (Just wanted to mention this)

3. I discovered the way to convert Videos with MeGUI and quickly ran into the first problem: Some videos got stuck at 99%.... this problem was known by spiriton and he solved it by installing a "Mega" Version of the K-Lite (uninstalled the other first). This worked for me too. For several days, everything seemed to work fine.

4. I wanted to use madVR and got the "Out of memory" message when trying full-screen. (solved by a SPV developer in this forum, after I found that tread in google)

5. after trying the scriptchange from this tread, I observed "flashes" in the resulting videos. Every another 30 seconds there was a jolt through the picture. Hm. Those arent there in the source and they dont show up in realtime SVP-Manager.

6. I tried to convert one of those, above mentioned, 3D files from downloadhelper/youtube and it crashed MeGUI. After it crashed, I wasnt able to make it run again and also SVP-Manager stopped working for me. Restarting the computer did not solve this.
I over-installed the full-version of SVP-Manager again and then both worked again.

7. I decided to experiment with the videos that created those "jolts" and found, that trying to do them with the exact same settings, now led to a "out of memory" error message, "runtime Errors" and general crashes of MeGUI. But they had worked before?

Doing them with the simple script from the guide, did work however.

Any suggestions what I can do?  sad

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"Out of memory"/"Runtime error" messages and crashes and "flashes" in the resulting video can be fixed by pointing lesser value in the "global threads=x" line. Point 2 or 3. It is enough for encoding.

Try it.