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Now that madVR includes a Smooth Motion option, how does that affect the use of SVP? Should that option be turned off? How does SVP handle it? Does madVR in any way make SVP (or certain settings within SVP) unnecessary? If using both, what are the proper settings in SVP profiles?

Sorry for so many questions.

Re: SVP and madVR Smooth Motion

I've already said this on doom9: madVR's "smooth motion" is like SVP's "blend frames to screen refresh rate"

(which is Avisynth's ConvertFps())
BUT is more precise and done by GPU.
Most people doesn't need this feature in the most common case 59.94 (after SVP) -> 60 Hz screen, BUT if every frame drop counts for you then may be this thing is for you smile

Re: SVP and madVR Smooth Motion

how to access the madVR settings to turn that on?

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1. Download last madVR, unpack, run install.bat.
2. When playing in MPC-HC: Play - Filters - madVR - Edit Settings

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Re: SVP and madVR Smooth Motion

So what's the corresponding setting that should be used in SVP if smooth motion is enabled in madVR?

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Any you want.
SVP does motion interpolation.
madVR's smooth motion does frame blending.

I don't use madVR's smooth motion because I not need in frame blending. I use SVP + ReClock. This combination gives me framerate synchronized to refreshrate of my monitor. With perfect sharpness.